How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice

Every single golfer who slices the golf but actually even if they don’t slice it there should be doing it. All the golfer those who are beginner faces this problem that’s why I am going to show you how to grip a driver not to slice.


Hi, We’re thanks for reading this. I’m going to show you one of these pens stop you slicing the golf ball possibly forever.

How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice

September is all about stopping your slice so what we’re gonna do is going to break it down and show you exactly what causes your slice? How to fix it and going through setup backswing downswing the whole lot.

So, it’s the most common shot that we see, it’s the shot that we get the most questions on we need to stop it, oh! we do, yeah and it all starts with the setup.

We’re really looking at the grip and really get an understanding of what causes a slice? I think if you can understand what’s actually happening at impact and then how to really test it.

How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice
Club Path | Club Face

We’re going to focus purely on the grip. We actually knee at you hang a shot with Trackman in play with a poor grip that’d be interesting to see what we get. But what sort of before we get into that?

What sort of things do we do the viewers need to know about? what is causing slice of what is actually causing that Slice?

So, at impact this is the important thing, that impacts what we see is a slice happens when the club path is left of the clubface so the difference between the path and the face is what causes the curved piece but it’s also important to understand the importance of the face.

How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice - Club face square at impact
Club Face Square at Impact

This is really crucial so the face there’s a sign in golf. isn’t it?  that the face sends it the path Benzies now the ball will always start closer to where the face is at impact compared in comparison to where the path is.


So here’s an example if I’ve got my target there the bunker and I swing down to impact my path is, let’s say 10 degrees left but my clubface is square to my target the ball will start slightly left of the target.

Which is closer to the face aim but because the path is so far left it’s going to cause curvature and the ball will finish to the right. 

Actually where that ball starts and if your ball is starting out right then it’s hard then to actually start getting back to target because your path will want to move left.

The strike is also important that he can’t neglect that count, exactly that’s the first thing that we always check… Make sure that you can test your strike because if you hit it on the heel, the ball is going to start left and then curve to the right. Due to the gear effect. 

How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice
Target Line

So, we always say,  number one thing you should always do with your driver is just test where you’re hitting the golf ball from.

You can get the face tape from your local pro or you can get some foot spray from your local pharmacy and sprayed on the face and actually just see where your strike pattern is because that really is. Again it’s going to influence the curvature of the shot.

So, we need to make sure that we can hit it at the center as much as possible. You can’t even get a pen and put the dot on the ball as well.

If you want to do it that way.

How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice golf reviews
Club Path | Target Line | Club Face


How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice - Need to check your grip
Need to check your grip

So alright let’s get into this grip.

Then we’ll go with both hands left and right, 

Yeah, what are the issues of the same? so everybody who’s slicing the golf ball all you guys who are watching this you need to check the grip.

And if you overlook the grip then you’re missing out big time because if you just position the hands on a in a good place on the club it is going to make things so much easier.

So the first thing when we see someone on the lesson TPS we check their grip,

Now let’s go through the left hand the main hand the glove hand. On the golf club has a massive influence then what we tend to see is the lead hand tends to get too much in the palm, like this.

How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice - thumb

And then if I close my hand on now from here when I look down I haven’t really got any knuckles in view and what this den tends to happen…Nowadays it’s so much difficult to find real content about how to Grip a driver not to slice.

Most Common One

Is it tends to cause a lot of rotation on the way back and want to open the face? so this is probably the most thing most common one we see pierce high palm. And not far enough ran with the lead harried Trail hand again.

Generally, something that’s too much over to the left where the thumb and the forefinger are too far round and we can see the V on the right hand.

Now point sort of left of my left ear there and then again this, now contributes to the face wanting to be massively open.

I need to make some huge compensations now to try and square the face and I’m going to sort of rub myself a power ball strike and path. 

How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice

You’ve done all those compensations in that little mimic there.

So, I tell you what we gonna do… Let’s get you hitting a shot with trap man, as we said we’re gonna look what happens when you hit a golf shot with this grip.

With a Poor Grip?

So me, I’m gonna give you normal swing. Don’t put the compensations in. 

I know, I’m gonna have time to do that. So let weak left hand weak right-hand normal golf swing I won’t change anything here.

Let’s just see what happens

That’s interesting…

I’m looking forward to seeing the numbers on this one.

I’m gonna play Premier.

It’s interesting because instinctively your path was actually a little bit to the left more.

So, then it would be because I think your instincts have told you that you got to swing a little bit more, so left but we can see there the face the clubface is open.

Seventeen Points Three Degrees

How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice - 17 points three degrees
Seventeen Points Three Degrees

open to the path I mean that is like it’s a huge amount.

So, I didn’t change my swing there… All I did was position the hands-on a different place but that obviously wanted the clubface hen to return.

Oh! but it was a little bit of change in there had to be because I think you’re just aware of that even though you weren’t trying to…

Because your path was a little bit further left and normal but it’s interesting. I mean 30 degrees and spin axis to the right. that’s just what we saw where it went it.

Yeah it’s out a shot on the camera there.

So okay, that’s the issues that are what can happen..

Obviously what would happen from there is you wouldn’t hit shots that far-right all the time… You’d build in those compensations and these club patch tackling start going even further to the left as a result.

So what you gonna do? how are you gonna fix this? 

So, let’s go through the lead hand first then we’ll take you to the right hand and again you need a marker for this because we’re gonna be drawing on a glove.

I’ve got a very old glove here so just so make sure I don’t ruin it but from here now what we’d like to see on the lead hand is I’m going to position the grip now on here and you’re gonna see clubface is nice and square up in the air.

And the grip actually sits across the base of the forefinger diagonally across to the pad underneath the little finger.

Now you’ll also see it’s just sitting under the heel pad of the hand there… So this heel pad actually goes on top of the golf club like this and this is going to help me the position that grips in a way that’s going to help square the face.

So, from here now Pierce is gonna come and draw a nice couple of lines on the actual grip here and this is what we recommend that you can do straight down and then the other side as well.

Yeah… So now I’ve got the perfect place for my grip to go. Now most people, like I say they’re gonna be a little more down the palm like this.

So, all I need to do now is hold the club up in the air like this hand out the position that right directly through there then when I close the hand around the club.

This is what I can see now my thumb is down the right-hand side.

Three Knuckles

I can see two two three knuckles really important you see a minimum of two knuckles because that’s what’s gonna help return the face square and my now my grip now is in a perfect place with this lead handpiece.

Massive massive difference this will make in getting better grip a driver not to slice.

I think that using it’s well worth you know sort of wrecking a glove to do this it is a reckon it’s not it’s actually obviously the best thing you can do.

V Between the Thumb

Okay let’s get that trail hand in there 

So trial hand now… As opposed to going over like this, we’re actually gonna go on the side of the club. So right-hand goes on the side nicely over the thumb here in the fingers.

I’m just gonna close my hand around the grip now. So that the right thumb is slightly down the left… But you’ll see the V between the thumb and the forefinger is actually to the right of my right ear.

So I’m gonna between the shoulder in the year really and that’s really now a nice neutral grip. It’s gonna help me then produce this square face at impact.

Okay just to keep your hands on the club and just point the club at me…

Come on… I’m gonna come in here it’s almost like you can shake hands with somebody if you actually imagine them in that shape with the open wheat grip.

It’s your shaking hands like that which we don’t want to do.. exactly.

Three Different Styles

Okay, so that’s interesting now… What style of grip are we looking at? because we know there are three different styles of grip here what are we talking about underneath it… In this article “how to grip a driver not to slice”its one of the main three different styles.

So, as far as joining them together we’ve got three options generally, baseball –  whe” re the hands are together not necessarily linked


We’ve got the interlock where we just interlock these two fingers together (Tiger Woods)

How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice - Interlock
How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice – Interlock


We have the overlap the little finger just overlaps the knuckle on the actual forefinger there.

How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice - Overlap
How to Grip a Driver Not to Slice – Overlap




Post your comments down below… 

Okay perfect, all right! what say you? what do I think? We’ve got the grip we know how we want to do it… So that’s it a shot now maybe just readjust your hands there let’s do another shot.

Okay! so, it’s firing away then Pierce good lead hand there three knuckles on the back of that hand. I know I’ve got it in a good place now right hands good let’s do the same

Swing and just see what the numbers say…

Okay! a tiny bit of fade on that, look you were 17 degrees open to your path last time. We know that’s not gonna be the case this time you were three degrees open to it. So, maybe that grip actually turned you it’s a little bit of you… know? it’s the Next Time.

You can see, you know we’re not really any difference in conscious thoughts in the golf swing. You know the gap between the clubface and the pathos tided a perfect, 

Exactly by having that grip in a great place. 

It just shows how important it is for you guys to actually just check that.

And we really do recommend drawing that line as you can see on that their base of the forefinger diagonally across.

So, it sits underneath the heel pad here if you get that right it’s very hard to get it Wrong.


There’s your information for today about how to grip a driver not to slice that’s the start of your journey to getting rid of your slice.

So, make sure if you enjoy that, hit the like button it really does help us and comment below. Don’t forget to answer the question of how to Grip a driver not to slice. 

In, where we’re really talking about dialing in a setup with ball positions body tilt body, angles to help you again fix that slice.

So, make sure you check our other articles and you stay with us for some very simple tips on how to get rid of your slice.

But if you are looking to dive even deeper into getting rid of your slice. Then contact us.

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