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So, THANK YOU for clicking the article, I see you have some interest in golf and learning it. My name is Abdur Rouf Jibon, I have been doing some research on golf about its techniques. This article is all about the grip and how to place your hands on the golf club. Again thank you for reading this article! Hopefully, by reading this article, you will get some idea about how to grip a golf club. So, let’s start…

Something you have to agree on is that, to play golf you have to, have your hands on the golf club. You have to place them on there in some way.

Now placing your hands on the golf club in a certain way is not a fundamental to playing good golf. If we just look at the best players in the world, we will see all sorts of different holds. We see interlocks, we see overlaps, we see double overlaps, we see baseballs, we see all different types of grips.

How To Grip The Golf Club

However, what I am writing in this article, is how to grip a golf club? If I was coaching someone who is new to the game, we need to tell them at first how to place the hands on the golf club. If you are in the canvas this is not how you place your hands a golf club.

Grip held in the fingers

I don’t want you to straightway go and change that. It needs to affect the ball fly in a positive way.

How to grip a golf club

But if you are new to the game… And you’re looking to, you know maybe get a better understanding of how to place your hands in the golf club. Hopefully, this article will help.

So, I’ve got a 5-iron but if I was making a full swing then this is how I place my hands on right through my golf bag for every club. First thing first, we’re going to start with a lead hand and how that is placed on!! we ‘re then going to move on to the trail hand. So, the first thing we need to do is we need to make sure that the grip of the golf club is running very much through the base of the fingers of my lead hand.

How to grip a golf club 2nd pic

Also, If I was to place the club behind the ball. I just offer my left hand to the golf club. You can see how its very much through the base of the fingers.

How to grip a golf club pic 3

Notice how my fingers are pointing down towards my knees. Once I’ve got my hand in this position, I want to wrap my fingers around. So straight away, I am feeling that the golf club is being held very much in the fingers.

Now the pad of my lead hand is which this area here and when I wrapped the rest of my hand around the pad should feel like it’s squashed on top of the handle. I am then just going to rest my thumb on there as well. Well, come to where that thumb goes in a moment.

Pad of hand on top of handle

Pad of hand on top of handle
Pad of hand on top of handle

So, I am now feeling that I’m holding it very much in my fingers. And the pad of the hand is being squashed on top of the grip. The most common fault that we see in the grip is a club. Which runs too much through the lifeline of the hand.

Pad of hand on top of handle (Pointing downwards)

The fingers at this point more down rather than back toward me. When my fingers go around, I find that, is a little gap between my little finger in the club and the pad of us. Our hands its more underneath the handle.

How to grip a golf club (Hold the grip)

So, making sure that we are holding very much in the fingers. And the pad of the handle sitting on top of the handle. This is how we grip it! but we can grip it in that way and have our hand rotated very much around to the left or very much to the right or somewhere in between. So, this is one of my favorite drills for the grip.

 I have done this numerous times! So apology, because in this before you are gonna take a tee peg you are gonna place that teabag just between the crease of your thumb. And your index finger just like so. Now when I place my hand with the golf club, in the fashion we’ve just discussed in the fingers and I wrap my hand around. I want that tee peg to be pointing right down the club shaft from my point of view.

So, I can still have the club in my finger!!!! but I can have the hand wrapped around this way as you can see. The tee peg will be pointing to the left or I would have the hand too much over this way. And the tee peg will be pointing more to the right.

How to grip a golf club (roundabout)

These are the positions that we would tend to term weak and strong-weak. Being too much under the golf club and strong being too much over the golf club. So, if I can get the grip of my fingers, I can get the part of the hand to sit on top. And I can get the tee peg to run straight down the golf club. That’s gonna give me a fairly neutral lead handgrip.

How I can test that? is by holding my forearm. I should be able to get the club up to a roundabout horizontal and back down with relative ease.

If I find that difficult to do I might want to check how I am holding the golf club.

held in the fingers

Held in the fingers

We are now going to take a look at the trail hand, the right hand in my case and how that is applied to the golf club, so if I offer my right hand to the golf club and it is down the handle first again, you will notice that I am pointing my finger very much towards my knees. I am not pointing my fingers down towards the ground, again the grip is going to held very much to the finger of my lead hand. Then I want to wrap the fingers around and again I am going to close the hands over now, what I should find is that the lead thumb fits very nicely into this lifeline on the trial hand.

How to grip a golf club (Tee peg)

So, let’s do that with the lead hand on the lead hands are going to go on trial hand is going to go to the slides ver much and the fingers go around I slide the hand up and I am going to wrap it around.

So, It fits nice and snug over my left hand again if I feel what that’s like in my right hand. I feel it very much in the fingers not really through the palm of the hand.

The most common problem we see here is a grip which is held very much in the palm hand is too much underneath the golf club, I feel that’s very much through the lifeline of my hand.

The tea bag drill we can use that again for this right hand, so in there left-hand goes on and as I apply my right hand again I can feel as if the tea ped is running straight down towards the club head its never to the right, it’s never to the left.

 So, that little tea peg drill will work for both of your hands. A great little way you can tell whether your grip is neutral and this is a guide, do not let me run this is not an exact science If I place my hands on the golf club and I put the club out in front with the clubface vertical.  

Notice how I’m able to with my forearms, I’m able to rotate the club closed and open by roughly the same amount, notice what would happen when I hand my grip in a strong position, I would find I’m able to rotate the club a lot more in this direction than I am in this direction.

I’ve hardly got any movement there, so the ability to rotate both ways by the same amount is a good indication that your grip is very neutral. 

One of the important things is also how you actually connect the hands together????

There are three types of grip we would recognize, there is what we call an overlap and interlock or baseball, a baseball is fantastic. If you are really struggling with the grip, all we would do is you place both hands-on and we would have all of the fingers in contact with the golf club.

An overlap would be where we take the little finger on the bottom hand and we just sit it on top of the index finger on the top.

Interlock hold
Interlock hold

And the interlock would be when we actually take those two fingers and we just link them such as this, I will use the interlock.

A lot of people use the overlap, a lot of people use baseball. It’s trying to feel something that feels comfortable to you, the trouble is if you’re newer to the game you’ll probably find that neither of those three comfortable at all but try to find one that you feel a little bit easier for your hands to be applied on.

If you feel that you’ve got bigger hands, the overlap is often good, if you’ve got smaller hands, the interlock is good or the baseball is good use that as a guide and you probably won’t go too far wrongs…

So, getting a neutral golf grip is fantastic for helping get a very neutral clubface. The neutral clubface is a good way to hit straight shots out on the golf course, if your grip is not neutral. It doesn’t mean you can’t play golf!

It may well mean that you’re going to play with some curve left to right, right to left whatever it may be. So, I hope that helps you and gives you an idea of how to place your hands on the golf club. 

Proper golf grip

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